21 Drummers  -  4 World Class Mentors  -  1 Unforgettable Week


For 6 nights, drumming comes first. Each summer, at our unique drum camp, 21 drummers from around the world come together to develop new skills and become part of something truly special.

Not only will you learn from our world class mentors, but you’ll live with them too, at our residential drum camp at the famous Grouse Lodge Studios in the Irish countryside. Eat, sleep and breathe drumming, forge new friendships and gain insights from true experts. Fully immerse yourself in your passion for an exciting week, and leave with memories and skills that will last a lifetime.

Besides the amazing knowledge the mentors share with the students, 21 drums is so much about human relationships and sharing a great experience. Food, classes and nights with your fellow campers and mentors make you understand what they are doing more than anybody could explain. You will get to know their personalities, their jokes and beautiful stories they have experienced. Grouse Lodge in the middle of calm, green irish landscape is just perfect for complete focus on the moment, and the owners are incredible people with a whole lot of stories to tell.
Worth more than every penny - go and get your ticket!
— Andreas Rathausky, 21 Drums Alumni (2018)
I had an incredible time at 21 Drums. I’ve been to a few drum camps, and this one was by far the best! Not only do you get to learn from three masters at their craft, but you get to cultivate friendships with drummers from all over the world. The Grouse Lodge is a beautiful location that oozes inspiration.
— Alex Kaufman, 21 Drums Alumni

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